Wednesday, April 25, 2007

McCain on Daily Show

Ha! As if to prove my point from yesterday, John McCain went on the Daily Show, and in response to Stewart's direct questions about how the administration accusing any questioning of the president as not supporting the troops, he went ahead pulled the "we must support the troops" angle. Outrageous! (Also he oddly channelled Rumsfeld with the "Is Iraq safe? No. Is the war almost over? No. Am I a douche bag? Yes.") Flip-flopper McCain came off like a massive blow hard, and I'm relieved his numbers are dropping, he doesn't seem to have a chance of making it to the final two. (Hey, you can make a difference by calling 1-800-idol-Obama). All McCain did was show that he's got no ideas, and even admitted that the so-called surge might not work but was at least "a" strategy.

Miss it?


kbmulder said...

I love how politicians try to go on the cool shows to impress the young ones, and end up looking like idiots.
Seems they can only say with their PR machines let them say. It's so fake.

Kathy said...

Donna used to say (not to me, of course): "Don't try to act cool, 'cuz you're not cool"--lots of attitude. That's what I think when I see these guys on The Daily Show.

Although Bill Clinton on Arsenio Hall in the early 90's was much more cool than anything since...

K, you are a blogging machine these days!! Wow!

Anonymous said...