Sunday, April 15, 2007

Our Kitchen, before and after

Here's our kitchen before:

and here's an after!

Another before, looking right:

and after:

I'm so proud of the way it came out! The cabinets look so great in white with my dream-stainless steel knobs and pulls on the drawers. The green is really bright, and, as usual, doesn't really come out in these photographs like it does in person. It's the kind of color that might incline a person to say "This color really POPS!" just like they do on the design shows, even if such a person is not usually inclined to say such things. Like M.. Eventually we hope to get granite countertops and maybe a new range, but for now we're really happy with the way it is.

Coming soon: Our Living Room!


Anonymous said...

Dad says, my daughter and her husband, the homeowners! Great job on the kitchen! Can't wait too see your home. love dad

kbmulder said...

Beautiful!!! Nothing like a bright, springy kitchen to refresh you. I am very fond of green, as you might know. Love those new knobs, too. It's amazing what something as little as knobs can do.

Kathy said...

don't I know it; I'm just dying to change the knobs in my bath!!

Love that green--it hints at the POPPING green that are the walls of Lindsay's room. Nice!

Anonymous said...

The pictures are nice but really do not the room justice. You cannot see the fine workmanship in the painting. Mike was so easy to teach and has a great deal of natural ability in the art of wall painting. I totally approve the knobs, your arrangements on top of cabinets is good, too.

Caitlin said...

Love. It. But you already know that. (:

Anonymous said...

Beautiful...but I expect nothing less from your artful eye. I also noticed your bar is well stocked! I miss the days when I could say, I'll be right over!

Anonymous said...

night and day...hey what happened to the boombox???

great job.


Carrie said...

I don't know if I would even need the morning coffee from this cheerful and bright kitchen! I can't wait to see it in person in june.

Laura W. said...

Nice use of color, space, and natural elements... (sorry... too much TLC and television home redos)! It definately wakes you up in the morning! =) - Laura

Connie said...

You did a great job. Color definitely POPS. It's amazing what a little paint will do to cabniets. love Connie